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SPURS Ministries believes it is a facet in a much larger body of Christ. That means using this ministry that The Lord has entrusted to us to help advance His kingdom in the round pen and outside of it. One way Chance and his family do this is by participating in the mission work his grandparents have established in Conevisa, Guatemala. 

Back in 2007 Allen and Laurelle Stoudenmire felt the call to the mission field in the Central American country. Since then they have seen a great need in the small village of Conevisa, just outside of Zacapa. In the past decade they, along with many Alabama churches, have helped the village establish a church, funded scholarships so that the children may attend school, and helped bring about a sense of responsibility and pride to the villagers there in Conevisa. 

While on one of the many mission trips the Stoudenmire's take groups on, Chance realized the village was seriously lacking in one of the most basic needs of life—water. Their well was broken and past the point of return. A water truck arrived every 8 days with just the bare minimum for families to get by at the highest price. 

Seeing a need that simply had to be met, he twined this Conevisa ministry with his existing one of SPURS and created "The Ride for HOPE". 

The first ride in 2014 saw Chance and his father Roy travel the state of Alabama from the Tennessee line down to Mobile Bay. It took 2 and a half weeks of hard riding on trustworthy horses. During that time they were joined by other riders for sections of miles and time. The ultimate purpose though was to bring awareness to the need for water in Conevisa and raise money through pledges and donations. 

The ride was a success and over the next year, the people of Conevisa received their well. Ministry never stops though and there is still much that can be done for the special villagers in Guatemala. Updates and maintence to the well; piping to new households and more are a constant need. So Chance and SPURS Ministry will continue to do their part in expanding the body of Christ in whatever way The Lord calls them to do. 

If you would like to be apart of or support any future Ride for HOPE, please contact Chance through the "Contact Us" page. Any ideas for new routes, horses or promotions are welcome.

We can't wait to see you out on the trail!